Corporate philosophy

Meet customer expectations!

Quality is the fulfillment of the expectations and wishes of our customers. Our customers expect us to deliver products of defined, consistent quality in compliance with the strict food law regulations.

Meat wholesale Bertold Kleff will only be successful on the market in the future if we create long-term customer loyalty by actively fulfilling expressed and unspoken customer expectations, such as adherence to delivery dates and reliability.

Guarantee product quality and product safety!

Through the careful selection and control when shopping and compliance with our hygiene standards, we guarantee our customers tested product quality at the highest level. These include in particular compliance with our binding specifications, which also refer to microbiology as well as foreign substances and additives.
We are always able to trace the paths of our products back to our suppliers as well as to our customers.
Generate quality together!

Our employees are aware that they manufacture products that are intended for later consumption. Therefore absolute hygiene and cleanliness in our processing rooms as well as compliance with personnel hygiene regulations are a matter of course.

Each individual employee contributes to corporate security through the quality of his work and is required to continuously improve processes, procedures and products.
Live quality management!

We ensure our quality with a management system according to the International Food Standard (IFS). An organizational manual in our EDP is the basis for modern quality assurance. Every employee gets to know its content and its meaning within the scope of his duties at the meat wholesaler Bertold Kleff.

Reach the goal together!

We seek contact with customers, suppliers and employees in order to create a fair long-term partnership.

Sustainability in economic, ecological and social dimensions influences our decisions. We are also aware of our responsibility towards our (...) environment. Through the sustainable use of natural resources and the active support of environmental protection measures, we try to reduce the impact of our economic activities to a minimum.

Don't forget the ethics!

We are aware of the responsibility towards people. We must pursue the goal of giving employees work and perspectives for the future, because only then will the employee have motivation for what he does in the company. Furthermore, we must not forget in all of our economies that our raw materials to be processed and animal raw materials are concerned, which on closer inspection means that animals had to give their lives for these raw materials. We should therefore handle the meat to be processed carefully and prudently.