Quality is the fulfillment of the expectations and wishes of our customers!

  • Our customers expect us to deliver products of consistently high quality in compliance with strict food law regulations.
  • We manufacture for you on most modern production plants in compliance with the legal hygiene regulations and guarantee our customers a constant quality standard of the processed products.
  • We attach great importance to the seamless traceability and traceability of meat products. This provides us with the highest level of food safety. We guarantee that these are consistently implemented by the agricultural operation to the shop counter.
  • To implement our high standards in practice, we have set up and implemented a management system according to the International Food Standard (IFS).
  • The International Food Standard (IFS) guarantees the high quality you and we expect from our products.
  • Our company has been audited according to the IFS standard since the 20th of December 2004, therefore our products are manufactured for you in the best quality.
  • Regular checks ensure that our products are consistently produced in perfect and top quality.
  • By actively fulfilling the stated and unspoken customer expectations, such as the one hundred percent on - time delivery and reliability, but also the high - quality production and quality standards, we want to create a long - term customer loyalty.
  • Since April 2011 we are QS certified. Quality control is particularly important to us and is at one of the highest attainable standards in the EU.